An Invitation from God to you…

Here is a love letter to you from God…

Step into My Heart!

© 1996 Michele Vidor Krile

 Step out from your own world

Step away from your fears

Step out of the old you

Into My Presence, where its clear

Step by step, closer to the Truth!

Step into grace and forgiveness

Into My mercy that heals

Step into My light that

Through you can be revealed

Step into more, I give no less!

Open your heart to My Holiness

Step right into compassion

Step into purposeful life, the best

Step right into the passion

From which I gave you breath!

Step into the Hope only I can give

Skip to the joy of learning who I am

In step with Me, know how to live

Step up to freedom, into Who I AM

One step more, come step into My heart!


You are loved. God gave you fresh flowers. God gave you the moon! God showed you many rainbows and the beauty of nature. God placed many people in your life to befriend and love you and to help shape you into who you are still becoming. But most of all, we know that He demonstrated his love by sending His son Jesus, to redeem you with the blood he shed on the cross. Aren’t you glad He didn’t stop there? For He demonstrated His power and authority over sin by raising Jesus again to life. He demonstrates his passion by giving to you spiritual life everlasting with Him. God loves you fiercely, but He gave everyone a choice. Have you accepted this great love? Awesome!  Do you yearn for more of God? Have you come out of those comfort zones? You know, we all have them in different areas of our life. These comfort zones are also called shades and walls that we build between us and God. It keeps us feeling like we are ok ’cause we know God a little bit. But God longs for more. And, He put in every soul a deep longing to get to know Him. Listen to Him wooing you closer. Step out from behind those shades / walls and step into His heart!

Just for fun, for those of you who enjoy the creative process, here is the new version also…

Step into My Heart!

© 1996, 2013 Michele Vidor Krile

You’ve stepped out from your comfort zone

Stepped out of the old you, into trusting Me

Now step away from your fears

More into My presence, where it is clear

Step with Me, you are never alone


Step further into grace and forgiveness

Into My tender mercy that heals

Step into My light that

Through you can be revealed

Step into more, I give no less!


Step up to My cleansing Holiness

That is full of compassion

Step into meaningful life, the best

Step deeply into My passion

From which I gave you breath!


Keep following the Hope only I give

Skip to the joy of daily learning who I am

In step with Me, this is how to live

Step up to freedom in Me, this is who you are!

One step more; humbly, boldly, step into My heart!


What Fills Your Heart?

So then, What Fills Your Heart?

.                  Jesus?                            Family?

.       Joy?    Sorrow?                      Love?      Hate?

. Hope?    Peace?                              Regret?    Chaos?

.Forgiveness?                                          Unforgiveness?

.  Chocolate?                                                   Jewelry?

.    Loneliness?                                         Friends?

.           A  Dis  con  nec  ted     Rel ation ship?

.                     Jealousy?             Anger?

.                            Thankfulness?

……………………….     Worry?      ………………………

Is something missing?

A Better job?

A significant other?

Nicer Car?

More Jewelry?

More Chocolate?

More Jesus?

Perhaps.    And just maybe, possibly…

C O N T E N T M E N T !

Be content in the greatest love, the love of our Lord, Father, and King!

Godliness with Contentment is great gain 1Timothy 6:6

Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be. Luke 6:21  NLT

Do you realize how unique, wonderful and loved you are? No one else in the entire world can replace the soul behind your face!

Jesus loves you with an everlasting love. Let Him love you, then can you truly love him back? Let Him hold your heart in the palm of His hand! He will never push you away, abuse you, deceive you, hate you or even tire of loving you, not even when you do reject Him. Read His Word daily to hear His heart beat for you! There is no love more faithful, more strong or more satisfying! Anything on earth fades in comparison to His glorious love for you!

But, for those who don’t yet know the Lord, or know Him that well, please remember that He will not force His love on you. My friend, If you believe in Jesus and accept his pardon for your sins, let Him transform you into a new life; if you put your life in His hands, your pain at His feet, your gaze at His face, the love He gives you into others, oh what wholeness you can have and what a reward you will receive in heaven!

Friend, be content in His love!

Happy (everlasting) Valentine’s Day!