S2, #11, Christmas and New Year Prayer

Christmas and New Year Prayer

© 2007, 2012 Michele Vidor Krile

As we gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of Jesus
We can be quite busy at Christmastime
May we not lose our God-given spiritual sight
Of why we give and receive
May we not get caught up in things on earth
But know that God’s Presence only can make our lives complete

May we remember why God’s Son was given to us
May we not keep the Savior in the manger scene,
But let Him be the triumphant risen and ascended Lord over our lives

Though tangible gifts be some
Of the happiness we know and share
May God’s gifts of truth, His forgiveness and real love;
Which bring true joy, true peace,
Live in your heart and rule your home
This is for you my Christmas prayer

May you allow the possibilities that will come
To draw you closer to God, our Light
May you learn more of His ways and wisdom
And know that when yielded to Him, He’ll guide
You through both the laughter and the tears
For each experience in the coming year

This is for you, my New Year prayer


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